Keep on failing with one part

Hi, I keep on failing with printing the Stick.stl file on Anet ET5pro with PLA, detaches half way up:
[ATTACH=JSON]{“alt”:“Click image for larger version Name: medium_thumb_Stick.png Views: 47 Size: 4.3 KB ID: 9626”,“data-align”:“left”,“data-attachmentid”:“9626”,“data-size”:“full”,“title”:“medium_thumb_Stick.png”}[/ATTACH]


Try using a large brim.


hmmm, that TV item is missing for me.

I updated the TV link.

Thank you for your brim tip, that took me deeper into the cura settings and I realized, that my extruder is always printing two layers too high, resulting in poor adhesion and failing prints.
Seems I have to adjust the extruder or offset the z-axis. Let’s search for a Dr. Vax video on tube… Z Offset Adjustment for Perfect 3d Print Adhesion - YouTube

By default Cura is printing at Z=0, so you need to adjust your printers hardware (adjust bed level screws and/or z endstop).

You might like to check out Teaching Tech’s GitHub site, especially the First Layer tab. Lots of good information on the site.


Finally did it with 12mm brim, probe offset, Tn 210°C and Tb 65°C.