Just some advice on upgrading my Sovol SV01 please

First of all, my SV01 is stock from the factory and is running great. I am going to install a BLTouch system on this printer. I have already purchased a version 3.1 probe. Secondly, I want to install this display screen. https://www.amazon.com/BIGTREETECH-Display-Controller-Compatible-Control/dp/B08F5D2PWW/ref=sr_1_2?dchild=1&keywords=Bigtreetech+tft28&qid=1609797638&sr=8-2 It is my understanding that I will also need to purchase a new control board to use this display. My big problem is: I don’t have any idea what board to purchase to use this display with my SV01. Is it possible to purchase a board that will support this display and also support BLTouch and upgrade the firmware to Marlin 2.0 for BLTouch. Does Sovol sell an upgrade touch display kit for the SV01 or is there a Creality board that is a direct replacement that I could use?. Otherwise, I will just ignore replacing the stock board with a new touch screen. Of the 2 options, BLTouch is the most important upgrade.

By the way. I have noticed that when the BLTouch probe unit is installed, the probe itself would come down in an area off the bed to the left. Does the Marlin 2.0 firmware upgrade with BLTouch correct that problem or do I have to do something to the X axis offset.