Ender 3 V2 Firmware - BLTouch

I have watched several videos detailing the firmware update needed to support a BLTouch on an Ender 3 V2. The stock display on the Ender 3 V2 has it’s own firmware and some of these videos include the process to update it via it’s own sd slot. As far as I can tell in the DrVAX video he updates the mainboard firmware and the display just works. It definitely has menu options that are not available on mine.

I will be installing this and will discover the answer to this but kind of wanted to know in advance. So basically the question is are there versions of the mainboard firmware - like the smith3d version that DrVAX recommends - that somehow take care of the display as well?

With the Smithh3D firmware you don’t have to flash the v2 LCD. There are several versions I had the best luck with the 5x5 slow it will take about 2 minutes to probe the bed. I tried 5x5 Fast but had more probe failures.

Good to know, thanks. Do you do an auto level before every print? Or periodically and store the settings?

I do the leveling before evey print. I no longer use the Bltouch I had to many issues with it. I now have the EZABL for TH3D and use the Unified2 firmware. I also changed the screen to the Ender3 Pro screen actually like it better than the v2 LCD just simpler to use and it’s doen’t require firmware to work. About the only time I use the LCD is setting up bed leveling or adjusting the Z offset. I print from Octoprint.

I also use Octoprint. I don’t use my LCD much either and probably will leave it alone for now. I think it all will come down to how I want to handle the firmware - use a version that takes care of the display as well like smith3d or self-compiled marlin which would require me to update my display as well. Thanks for your insight.

Hope the Bltouch works better for you than it did for me. I had 2 of them and neither worked right.

Thanks for this thread. So bottom line, which firmware is the best to use on E3V2, BLtouch and without having to flash the display as well?

I would say smith3d

Turns out the smith3d website now points you to firmware from jyers - they are retiring theirs because they like this better. I plan up installing BLTouch and this firmware on Monday, I will let you know how it goes.

Well, isn’t that an enlightened attitude? :slight_smile: Of course, it does alleviate them from the cost & effort of maintaining their firmware, but still…

I installed the BLTouch and new firmware. I used the jyers fork of Marlin: https://github.com/Jyers/Marlin/tree/Ender_3_V2_Extensible_UI
Other than adjusting the x,y and z offsets I didn’t do anything except add the G28 command to my start-up gcode in CURA. I did a bed level test print, it went through the 5x5 auto levelling grid and printed a perfect print. The display has a lot more features/settings available compared to the stock Creality firmware. I did nothing to make these available, i.e I didn’t have to flash the display separately. So far, so good.

That’s good news. Best of luck with it.

I tried to do the same thing last week and I’ve had nothing but issues. I’m confident that it is user error on my part. I even went so far as to replace my extruder, and bed. because I couldn’t get any bed adhesion. Now that that is replaced, I got good first layer adhesion but the prints still look like crap.

Can I ask what filament you used and would you mind sharing a print profile?

I am using filament from Sunlu. I assume the issue you are having are with an Ender 3 V2? If so I would be happy to share a profile for you. Also would like to know a little more about the print defects you are seeing. I am pretty new to this myself but the more info you provide the better the chance that someone can help.