Is my Raspberry Pi wrecked?

It appears my Raspberry no longer has wifi? I could not get the Pi/Octoprint to connect to the wifi. So I did a fresh install of Octoprint on it and the little green LED does not light up when I power up the pi? Thoughts?

I’m going to try a direct ethernet connection, but if anyone has any bright ideas I would like to hear them.

Thanks in advance.

Is the red LED light on? Did you try to connect directly using the IP address? I had to flush the browser cache once when my router assigned a different local IP address once. I’m assuming you can’t ssh into the Pi.


Yes the red LED light is on. The Pi is not visibile on the network, i’ve checked through my router and with AngryIP. Furthermore, I’ve connected the Pi directly to the network with an ethernet cable and neither of the lights next to the ethernet port light up. If this were a PC I’d say the network card was dead.

I fear you are correct, especially since you don’t see the green LED flash on power-up. A shot in the dark: try installing OctoPrint on a fresh microSD card.

Maybe @Ender5r has some ideas.


Did you connect a display to see the initial boot? e.g. the color square AFAIR should always appear, even so there is no graphics driver. Also check if the yellow SD card LED is blinking, when powering on. If it is not blinking, when there is no booting.

I personally never had an issue with any of my Pis, The PI1 which is in use for years now, however, started to have problems with the SD card slot. Even so the port was faced down and the device itself was never moved, it simply stopped working. A reboot (unpluging power) did not work and I had to remove and insert the SD card a couple of times to “fix” the issue. This helped for a while, but the problem returned until I sprayed IPA into the card slot and repeated the SD card removal/inserting a few more times to clean the contacts. Since then it worked for at least 4 years without having any trouble again.

Also: Did you change/swapped the power cable by any means? I have power cables here, that simply not work and result in an instant crash. This may sound stupid, but some charger cables are not suited for delivering power. :smiley: I have cables from my 3D glasses used for my projector. Those have the same connector as the PI, but the wires inside are thin like hell. They are strong enough to charge my 300mAh glasses, but they fail powering even a simple and slow PI1.

Just my little drop in, as I never had a broken Pi and all the 8 are still in a good mood and doing their job, when required :smiley:

I have a Pi 400 and the HDMI cable went bad almost immediately. I thought the Pi had gone bad, but I found another HDMI cable adapter and changed to a heavier cable and all is fine. Seems none of the ligjhts were on. There was a short in cable and overpowered the power supply. I did noticed the light would do an initial blink before the HDMI cable was changed.

No clue about HDMI cables delivered along with the pis. I know the mini-HDMI port is kind of weak on a at least normal Pi-4. No clue if the Pi400 is the same.

I never actually bought a HDMI cable. All I have are from flea markets or included with devices in the past. Well, no longer true. I bought two very short 10cm cables for tight places to connect HDMI sticks.