iPhone case dirt shell

Just got the new iPhone 12 Pro Max with the Apple silicone case. I like the Apple silicone cases, but when they are exposed to my fitness and yard work sweat and dirty hands they tend to absorb a bit and get slippery over time. I wanted a thin shell that I can slip the whole case & iPhone into for when I’m going dirty work, so I designed one in FreeCAD. It took a lot of caliper work to get all the cutouts to line up, but I think I’ve finally nailed it–check out the alignment of the array of speaker holes.

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There’s not a big market for cases for for protecting phone cases, but hey, it’s what I wanted! LOL. I’ll just use my shell when I’m doing dirty hands work or fitness stuff.

Cool. The concept would work for most cases I imagine.

Nice. Designing something based on an existing shape is a lot of work.