I was impressed by this Prusa project.

3D Printed Off-Road RC Cars by 3D Sets - YouTube . I’m not really into chasing cars or RC anything, but I must admit this is an impressive project.

Really interesting if you realise what you can do with a printer. Some other guy print RC armoured vehicles, others print drones , etc.

Given the state of the world, I am actually surprised I haven’t run into 3D printing projects of a, ahem, more intimate nature. I’m also relieved, but still surprised.

How are you sure there aren’t?

Read carefully, my friend. I didn’t say they don’t exist, only that I’m surprised I’ve never run across any. They must not be all that prevalent, or I think I would have run into them at some point.

Yes, you are like me you do hunt around the internet.

I was just locked out of the forum again and sent a complaint. I could see my name at the top but it wouldn’t let me in until I decided to sign out and sign in again.

Yes; I don’t spend all day searching the net, but I do spend considerable time on it. I no longer spend any time on the dark web – it has gotten too dark.

I have never entered there. I don’t want to be mistaken for a criminal.

Is there anything of interest to honest people on the dark web?

When I went there, the term Dark Web didn’t exist, and it was certainly not the nefarious place it is today.

These days, not enough to make it worth the risk, IMHO. Plus, navigating the dark web is not trivial. Many times, to get to a server, you have to already know its IP address. The 1 thing I can think of that could possibly be of interest is IRC (Internet Relay Chat). Rather than try to describe IRC, I’ll refer you to Wikipedia: [U]https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Internet_Relay_Chat[/U]

I think ICQ was an IRC. I used to use many chat systems years agi before I realized that tyhey are collecting and collating all of our information and selling it and getting it hacked.

I don’t think ICQ was an actual IRC client, but I do believe it was inspired by IRC. The real difference is ICQ was aimed at person-to-person communication, whereas IRC is more of a group chat.

ICQ had a lot of group chats. But it was mainly individual. I wouldn’t know the difference.