I found the hidden reason for bad prints

For a long time my prints were not doing as good as they should. They were not to bad but not so good.

Today I finally decide to start taking things apart. Glad I did. With out taking the Bowden apart I never would have found this.

I hope this helps other to find printing problems.

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I just installed a WINSINN dual gear, all metal extruder. You have to be careful that all the parts are correct, but it seems to work well, & it’s inexpensive. Check out CHEP’s video about it: [U]Dual Drive Gear Extruder Upgrade + E Steps on Creality Ender 3 - YouTube

Or you can go on Amazon & get a genuine Bondtech dual gear extruder.

Thanks Ender5r
Nice video - I wish I seen this earlier. I already ordered all metal extruder. (not the dual gear). I’ll do the test in the video and see how it works out.
Have you thought of going direct drive?

I was direct drive, using the all metal 1-gear extruder that came with my Ender 5 Pro. If you’re interested, you can read about it here: http://forum.makewithtech.com/forum…o-direct-drive.

Of course, this new extruder is too thick to work on my original direct drive adapter plate. Rather than spend time making a new plate, I have temporarily reverted to Bowden tube on the Ender 5. I may move to a BiQu H2 direct drive extruder. It’s a DIY unit that requires you to make your own adapter plate, but it’s an all-in-one extruder+hotend & has a lot less mass than many others. It’s also only about $100.

Ender5R - Do you have this problem with your dual gear extruder?

I have just installed the Micro Swiss Direct Drive Extruder on my Ender 5. It is a very impressive implementation because of its simplicity. You can read some more about it here:

3d Printing Speed, Bowden vs Direct Extruder, Ender 3 v2 vs Upgraded Ender 5 - MakeWithTech Community Forum

Micro Swiss recommends starting the E steps at 130 after testing it I ended up at 137.58. I really like how you have full access to the extruder for adjustments or repairs.


I added the knob from my SeeMeCNC EZR Struder that was previously on the print (that works extremely well for a Bowden style extruder) but any 3d printed knob would work. Surprised they do not include one.

Started a print now …

Yeah. I think I’ll make that change also. Just doing the research on the fan shrouding. I have the Ender 3/V2

The Micro Swiss Direct Extruder is working well. I like that the components are accessible and visible. I am going to try really cranking up the speed to see if I get any slippage as I continue testing. I am using the recommended retraction settings but they are not tuned for my filament so it will be interesting to see how this model of the Eiffel Tower comes out as it has a lot of detail and requires significant retraction.

So far the overhangs look good which is an indication that the extrusion is consistent and properly tuned.


Eiffel tower by Newcandle - Thingiverse

Here is a video closeup of the extruder in operation:

[video=youtube_share;yTZvm2aK9Hs]Micro Swiss Direct Extruder - YouTube

I guess that would be a very good reason for bad prints. Nice Find! By the way, I’m a relatively new viewer of your videos and I have to say I have loved every one of the 5 or 6 that I’ve watched so far. I’ve gone through the first four FreeCad videos that you produced and I have learned so much. Indeed, you are a very good teacher and I look forward to all your new videos in the future and I’ll be going back to view many, if not all your older ones. Thank you so much for all your efforts to produce such high quality videos. I’ve subscribed to all. Cheers

The people on this forum deserve a lot of credit for adding depth to the MakeWithTech experience. I provide the intros in my videos and then people come here to learn more.

PM4BI (Pardon Me For Butting In) but I suspect @Irv_Shapiro meant to say “deserve” rather than “desire” ?

@Ender3r absolutely. Fixing it now.

This site is awesome. When I first started 3D printing I found all me answers here. It made the whole experience fun and much easier.
Thank You!