I could be wrong, but

About a month before the Bambu P1S was released, the P1P went on sale. I just noticed that the X1C is on sale … Fingers crossed the new one will be an even bigger one!

Just checked the X1C’s are not on sale in the USA store. I have. X1C with the AMS and I love it. Got close to 500 hrs on it without any issues I didn’t create myself.

Ah, wow, the EU store offers a discount already.

I haven’t seen it mentioned on the Bambu subreddit on Reddit about it being discounted or a new version coming out. Guess it’s possible the X1 disappeared (1st release) then the X1C showed up to replace it. Before my time following Bambu so I assume they discounted the X1 to relive inventory. Bambu is all about speed and accuracy so I don’t see them coming out with a larger bed size for a while. Not saying they aren’t working on something in the background. How much did they drop the price?

I think people just started calling the X1 Carbon and X1C at some point on Facebook.

130$ price drop for one with an AMS.

This was posted at some point on their forum a while ago.
This was in it:
If this is real, it seems they are planning an X1E. That doesn’t mean it will be released, but one can hope, lol.

$1449 is what I paid for mine, but I only paid sales tax so it came to $1492. I remember at one point they added the EU taxes to the price and people were in an uproar because they raised the price when all they did was add the tax. I would think if they were going to replace the X1C it would be discounted every where.