I can't be the st, but I need help

Today, I had an idea. Amazingly, the world didn’t come to an end :smiley:

The idea is that binder & other clips could be eliminated on many printers that have glass print beds by gluing a piece of sheet metal to the underside of the glass plate & then letting the glass plate/sheet metal combo stick to the rubberized magnetic base that comes with many printers.

Unfortunately, I have neen unable to find where I can buy an adhesive sheet that could stick a piece of sheet metal to the glass plate & also withstand the high temperatures…

I have a spare rubberized magnetic mat that could be used but, when I tried to see how well the spare mat would stick to the 1 on the printer, I was not impressed.

Anyone have any ideas. It would really be nice to get rid of the clips to hold down the glass print beds.

you could try a thermal pad: uxcell 400mm x 205mm x 0.5mm Silicone Thermal Pad for CPU GPU Heatsink

Apparently, it is not adhesive. That’s a problem.

Just try it, if you cover the whole bed it will very hard to remove, strips are advised…

I used it for an i3 plus, no clips!

Even if it sticks well enough to not slip, there is still the issue of adhesive force. One of the main reasons for using clips to hold down the glass is to apply even pressure, so that the bed levelling can work. The magnetic sheet performs the same function. I’m not sure a silicon sheet would do the same job (although it very well work to hold my mugs, bowls, etc. on my lap board when I eat in the living room.

Let me know if you try it.

If you search for VHB sheets or tape. VHB stands for ‘very high bond’ 3M make it. You can buy it on Amazon.

VHB adhesive is meant to be permanent, you should be able to remove the bed for thorough cleaning once in a while.

I’m quite familiar with 3M VHB. I’ve using the tapes for years. I did just find a version, GPH, of VHB that has high heat resistance. No idea of the cost, and the packaging I found contains WAAAAAY more than I need (42.5 in x 36.1 yd x 43.3 mil). Knowing the cost of regular VHB, I can only imagine how crazy expensive an amount like that would be.

Yes, anything with the 3M logo, you can bet it’s going to be expensive :frowning:

@Ender5r Why not just use a PEI coated spring steel sheet with magnetic sticker? Been using one for a long time now and works great. Plus very easy to get prints off of the sheet. Just a slight bend of the sheet and prints pop right off. No bed clips no glass to worry about and sticks great with no glues needed on the bed to clean up. Unless your printing petg or abs. But even then magigoo clens off of it very easy with IPA

I print almost exclusively PETG.

Doesn’t PETG work well with spring steel?

I do have 1 of these: [U]https://www.amazon.ca/Magnetic-Flexible-Heated-235x235mm-Ender/dp/B07XBM24HN/ref=sr_1_7?crid=1VYYJSML0VY2L&dchild=1&keywords=creality+pei+sheet&qid=1614029659&sprefix=creality+sheet%2Caps%2C173&sr=8-7[/U]. I used it for a bit but it started not adhering the prints very well after a short time.

Has anyone tried BuildTak?


From what I just read, Buildtak seems like the ‘normal’ build surface that comes with, for example, Creality printers. I wonder if there really is a difference.

DrVax has