How to program purge line?

I recently switched to an Anycubic Vyper printer. Unlike the Ender 3V2 that I was using, the Vyper does not print a ‘purge’ line along the left side of the print bed at the beginning of the print. Does anyone know how to add G-code to do that automatically? I mostly use Cura 4.10.0 to slice, but also have Prusa 2.3.3.

In both slicers, you can copy the section of the start gcode for the Ender purge line and paste it into the section for the start gcode for the Viper as the Viper has a larger bed size. In Cura, go to Settings > Manage Printers and select the Ender and click Machine Settings. The bottom left window is your start gcode and you only need the section that does the purge line. (If you want to see what each command does, go to the Marlin website: Gcode | Marlin Firmware)


Just to add another option, I recently stopped using purge lines. Instead, I always print a skirt, 5mm from the model, with 3 to 5 lines.