How To Convert Klipper-fluidd to Klipper-Mainsail?

Given that fluidd and Mainsail are interfaces for Klipper, it seems logical to me that it would be easy to convert from 1 UI to the other: just copy printer.cfg from 1 to the other.

However, it doesn’t work. I have a working fluidd configuration. I burned MainsailOS-buster-lite-0.6.1 to an SD card, booted it up, then uploaded my fluidd printer.cfg file. I keep getting an error that the printer is not ready; klippy is trying to connect. I did add [include mainsail.cfg] to printer.cfg but the error persists.

I can’t help thinking this should be simple, but apparently it isn’t. Anyone got any ideas?

Well, I got Mainsail up. I basically started the printer.cfg file from scratch. As it generated error msgs in the Console, I would open my existing fluidd printer.cfg and copy just the section that applies to the error. Then I would save and restart and move on to the next error. It works, but dang it’s slow

It has been enough for me to basically lean to going back to fluidd. Mainsail is good, but I find fluidd is just a little more convenient.

I went the other way using your process Mainsail to Fludd and it worked. In your printer.cfg did you ad the lines required by Mainsail? They are in the Mainsail docs. Didn’t I send you my Mainsail setup they would be in there too. Configuration | Mainsail

I did add the [include mainsail.cfg] and [include macros/*.cfg]. As I mentioned, I’m most likely going to stick with fluidd. I like the 3D gcode rendering in MS, but I like having the Jobs window in the Dashboard, and I also like how commands in the Console window are highlighted in orange and can simply be clicked on to copy to the command box. This works even when you type Help in the Console. Having SCREWS_TILT_ADJUST in the Dashboard is also handy. If fluidd had the 3D gcode viewer it wouldn’t even be a question for me.

Did you see where there was a new version of Fluidd released?

Fluidd notifies me when there are updates. I assume that includes new versions. I’m always careful about updating. I like to clone the SD card before allowing updates, because there have been issues with some past updates causing problems.

Looks like the latest version is 1.7.2 released 8 days ago looks like a lot of features have been added in the last month.

Small correction @gramps: the current version is 1.17.2. I’m currently on 1.16.2. Guess it’s time to clone the SD card so I can update. The updates are showing as available in my fluidd System window.

If you want to try Mainsail try using the app this will load it in a browser as if you had Mainsail on the Pi you might have to add a line or 2 to the moonwalker.conf file the link to the docs is Setup Guides | Mainsail

From what I read they added quite a few features since 1.16.2 & killed some bugs too.

Looks like a gcode viewer is now in Fluidd. Doesn’t seem to work as well as the one in Mainsail


Guess you’ll. be updating now… :smiley: