How many of you have heard of pellet 3D printers?

I was watching a video on laser etching on YouTube and there was an add for pellets for 3d printers. I watched and then looked around. I saw some interesting information. Thought you might be interested!

I have heard of them. From what I’ve seen/read, there are issues: 1) apparently, they are prone to clogging of the pellets, leading to pellets not feeding into the hotend 2) how do you get color? Just mixing in a few colored pellets doesn seem very viable.

Mind you, the idea is enticing. Not having to pay a company to turn pellets into filament would likely save quite a bit of money. There may be certain edge cases, like where there’s a need to mass produce some item and color doesn’t necessarily matter.

I have heard of them, but I really do not see the advantage, unless your volume is quite high.

I had never heard of it, but I found it interesting since there is a plant nearby that use a lot of pellets to coat board paper for milk and juice cartons. I still have access to the plant.
On one of the videos, one of the printers had 5 extruders, I am sure that it only uses one at a time, but would be good for multi color prints. I wonder what software is used to control them.