I was looking at CMYK 3d printing

CMYK Color Printing with the QuadFusion - YouTube. I wonder if anyone would have clogging problems with this setup! I don’t think really good colour printing will be done this way. I think they will do it with one roll of a matrix material to receive coloured inks in the heating chamber.

Seems to me to be a very niche application.

I much prefer the principle of the IDEX solution.

I see CMYK printers as interesting for artistic applications but not for anything day to day.

I wonder how soon we will be micing media ourselves to put in a tube or a hopper to print ceramic or concrete or glass.

Concrete is certainly being 3D printed, for a variety of things, including some artistic ones.

I want to adapt my Ender 3 pro to print concrete.

LOL, that would be quite a trick.

If I ever retire my Ender it will be to make it do something else. Just for fun.