Any recommendations for a 3D pen?

I’m wondering if anyone here uses a 3D pen like this one: I’m thinking having 1 might be useful when it comes to fixing prints.

If you use 1, do you have any recommendations for which 1 to buy?

I bought one last year for the same reasons.

A cheap 14 Euro set was my choice, which came with some grams of filament, which is - well - quite useless as you need the same colour of your print to fix things.

In the end I used it once I got it. The result was decent. It had to fit letters into matching pockets and some of these thin wall lines where absence and created gabs in the surface, which I filled with the 3d pen.

The nozzle was to big and even the same filament was a little discoloured, because of the different temperature. So I probably will not use it again.

I used SuperGlue for broken PLA and acetone for broken ABS. So gab filling is the only thing I can imagine to use a pen for.

Thanks for the info.

I have used one a couple of times to “glue” 3d printed models together. I am not enough of an artist to use them freehand for building models. The one I own is the MYNT3D which I bought on Amazon. It was a bit more expensive than some of the pens and after using it for a while, as a fancy hot glue gun, I realized I could have purchased a less expensive model.

Just one time, my college friend had that 3d printed pen, and It was amazing, I want to try again,
I think, She had SCRIB3D maybe, we haven’t met together after lock down.

I think Irv’s description of 3d pens comparing them to fancy glue guns is quite accurate in my experience. I bought a cheap one and tried it a bit till it jammed and I do not have the spirit to bother to fix it. Perhaps if it was of better quality I would find it useful.

Any opinions on the possibility of using a 3D pen to add some freeform artwork or text to a basic monochrome 3D printed model? Or as a cheap alternative to an IDEX or other dual extruder printer to occasionally add a bit of additional color to a print?

I bought a cheap one that sort of worked but I ended up agreeing with Dr. Vax. It is like trying to draw a picture with a glue gun.
There is someone who does pretty good stuff with them on make anything. I’ll look it up.