Getting Ready for Production Release at

I have completed some of the backend plumbing necessary for a “production” release of the software. Here is what that means:

  • I now will maintain three copies of the software. A development environment that is only used by the developers (that's me so far). A test environment at that I will share with all of the early adopters helping to test out the software and a production environment at models.makewithtech,com.
  • The progression of changes will consist of breaking, fixing, changing the development environment where I will do my own initial testing. Then publishing to test for you all to take a look and then after some time on test publishing to
  • Initially, the development and tester environments will share an OpenSCAD backend. Long term I will fix this.
Feel free to head over to and give it a try. You will have to create a new login that can be the same or different from the test environment.