Forum notification question.

Is there any way I can get notified of any post on the Dr, Vax forum instead of just posts I have commented on?

Yep, if you look to the upper right area just above the message, there is a SUBSCRIBE button.

Click on that and you will be notified in accordance with your profile setup.


I think @roon4660 is asking if there is a way to get notified of any and all posts without having to subscribe to each topic. IOW, be able to subscribe to the entire forum, rather than each topic.

The only thing that could deal with something like that would be some RSS-Feed.

Well, the creators of the BBS software could provide a “subscribe all” option: any time something is posted, email this list of people. It’s not really that complicated.

I just checked my profile and have everything checked now including been notified when I subscribe to something. That was all that wasn’t checked.