I just got a new Creality ender 3 v2 an I’m going to put a cr touch on it so I want to update the firmwear but don’t know what one would be best these are the 3 I am looking at Ender 3 v2 professional, Jyers UI , and the latest one from Creality any help

The only reason to use a Bed sensor is when you want to swap surfaces all the time.

If I would get a new printer and it comes with such sensor, I would remove it without thinking about it. This probably saves tons of time in the future.

Just preheat the printer before calibration/leveling and before the first print. Your results will always be the same.

Adding a sensor just because the bed is bent, is the wrong approach. Why not fix the bed, instead of perform complex math to print uneven to fix it?

Such sensor means additional firmware, cables, weight on the tool head and if anything goes wrong, you get a red light and something is off. Printer down.

I level my printers when needed. The last time January 2021 when I changed the frame. The others I cannot remember.

The trick is preheating. The problem is not preheating. It is that easy.

It you hit print, while the printer is cold, everything starts to get deformed while printing the first layer as the heat causes thermal expansion. If you preheat your bed for 10 minutes before leveling the bed and before the first print, the printer can bent into a state that never changes and therefor never be misaligned.

Sure it takes 10 Minutes before the first print, but what takes it when the printer is down to a broken sensor, a broken sensor wire or a failed 10 hour print, when the sensor drops into the print and causes a layer shift, while destroying itself. It is also clever to always collect prints and do them as a chain of prints. This saves not only preheating, but also initial heating per print. -> less power consumption and no heating time at all.

On paper such sensor sounds perfect, but just search any forum about these sensors and you get tons of problems just caused by it.

The more you add to your printer, the more can go wrong. Same goes for filament runout sensors. You don’t need them and they cause problems when you don’t expect them.

Sorry for not helping with your real issue, but I just wanted to inform you that such a sensor is not the holy grale, which makes your printer always working and 100% reliable.

I like Unified 2 firmware from TH3D Studio which is also a good source for upgrade parts.

Thanks for your opinion on the cr touch but I have it and going to use it my question was about firmware