Feedback before I create a new Forum

How do you folks feel about creating a Forum (Heading) called something like “Looking to Hire”? Basically, a place for people to look for other people they can hire to help with “maker” projects, 3d printing, electronics, 3d modeling, etc.

I would not allow advertising at this time — maybe in the future – so only people looking for help can post and then people can reply via private message if they are able to provide a service. This might get tricky to administer so I might have to make it fully moderated when I allow posts one by one.

What do you think?

I agree, it could get a bit ‘messy’. 1 alternative I can think of is to make a forum or post with links to sites that offer printing services. It could be updated as new sites show up or existing ones disappear. I’m not recommending it, just offering another choice.

i am new by about 2 months now using freecad.19. Have learned a ton from dr vax for a 64 year old but am having a brain blockage trying to make a simple round spray can holder 110mm at the back and 70mm at the front and pocket or hole 68mm!! help please

tks i am having trouble figuring out this how do i get there brian

if you scroll up you will see a row of buttons labeled New Topics, Today’s Topics, etc. Under that you will see a small icon of a house. Click on it & a page will pop up that shows a list of the forums on the left. In that list you will find

That's the forum you want.

got it tks brian

I agree that the forum could be a nightmare to administer. Also I’m not sure the people that are using this forum would be looking for someone to print a project. I’m going to guess that most people on here are hobbyist who came here to learn 3D printing or further their skills.

Good points.

The idea would not be to create a place for people looking for someone to print a model for them. It would be a place for people that do CAD work, model creation, to produce custom models for people to print on their own.

I see, for people who can’t, or don’t want to, learn CAD. Interesting idea. That is kinda what thingiverse is, except I assume you’re thinking people could request what they want designed instead of having to accept pre-designed models. Maybe you could call it The CAD Marketplace.

That could be useful to people who have many ideas they can’t design due to brain damage or old age or both as in my case.