ET5X nylon carbon fibre filament

Hi guys, anyone have used nylon carbon fibre filament on their ET5X? Any good results? I get to understand that probably the hotend would need to be replaced with a full metal one and so the nozzle with a hard still one . Thanks

Not to mention the need for a complete, preferably air tight, enclosure, and a way to carbon filter of otherwise deal with the toxic fumes.

The same questions I would ask of my ender 3 pro. Of course I can’t answer because I’ve only ever printed PLA though I have some TPU and some PETG sitting in the wings. Maybe the warmer weather will work on me like it does insects and wake me up so I fix my printer.
Meanwhile I am blaming it on you and Irv. I am so interested to see what happens with the IDEX printers that printing one colour and one material seems passé.