ender 3v2 hot end parts fan

help needed - I was getting layering and switched the motherboard to the 4.2.7 and now the hotend parts fan does not work. do you have any suggestions? I am using the creality firmware for the 4.2.7 I am not using any bed leveling.

Obviously look at the connection on the 4.2.7. Make sure it’s plugged into the correct header, the connection is good. You could try testing the fan by powering it up separately (i.e. no connected to the 4.2.7). I realize these are kinda ‘duh’ things, but I always like to check off the obvious before moving on to the more complicated/detailed.

which is the positive wire - the yellow or the blue?

Sorry, don’t know that. On my Ender 5, the fan wires are black & white.

ok thank you for replying

before I put the cover on the motherboard the first time I must have checked the wires 4-5 times… When I took the cover off this time a wire was hanging loose. The fans work now so far.

The 1st 3 rules of electronics/electical troubleshooting (even my kids can quote the mantra): connections, connections, connections. You just proved it :slight_smile: