Removing Ender3 V2 Plastic Nozzle Cover

Hi. Brand new to the forum and first post.

I just got a Ender3 V2 and was wondering if there is a trick to removing the front plastic cover off the Nozzle/Fan assembly?


There are 3 screws behind the cover. Just removed the screws just be careful the fan is attached.

Awesome, thanks for the help Marc!

There is really only one screw that you need to remove and that’s the one between the 2 top rollers. The other screw to the right of that one is to remove the part fan from the plastic cover. I have already had to replace the hot end fan on mine as it went bad already. This is a command problem with the ender 3 v2. And as @MarcSchuh suggest the fan wires for the part fan and the hot end fan are attached plus be careful of the thermistor wires as they can be easily damaged.