Ender 3 v2 Question

Was having an issue with the distance between the nozzle and the bed changing just by raising and lowering the print head. Found the screws that hold the roller bracket to the extruded aluminum bar were loose. After further investigation I discovered that they were striped. Got some M4x20 replacements. This allowed me to tighten it again. After putting it all back together I took a caliber and measured from the frame to the bottom of the bar, it’s about 1mm lower on the right side. The brackets are both flush with the top of the bar. Also cranked up the Z axis and measured the distance from the top of the bar to the top of the uprights. Same results. Haven’t tried loosening the right screws and pushing up on the bar and re-tightening the screws yet. That’s a to-do for tomorrow.

Is my thinking correct that the distance should be the same on the left & right side. I know on my PowerSpec which has to Z steppers one of the setup procedures was to equal the distance on both sides.

Update: After a Duck Duck Go search I found several ways of getting the X gantry level with the top rail. Some as simple as loosing the concentric wheels, loosing the right side wheels & the bottom left if necessary. Level the X gantry the tighten the wheels in reverse order ending with adjusting the concentrics. The other was a little more involved and requires removing the X gantry and reassembling it.

This is for an Ender 3 but should be the same for the EV2