Creators. You Deserve to Get Paid.

As a member of the MakeWithTech forum, I am offering you an early opportunity to earn money creating 3d printer models. Over the next couple of weeks, I will promote a new set of features on the Models @ MakeWithTech ( site. Creators now can upload and share 3d printer models created in OpenSCAD and earn money in two ways.

First, the site is integrated with Buy Me a Coffee ( Set up an account on Buy Me a Coffee and enter your I.D. into your Models @ MakeWithTech account profile. Then anytime a user downloads a model from the results page, they will have an opportunity to tip you via the Buy Me a Coffee widget.

Second, I will pay cash for the first 150 models uploaded and accepted on the site. Earn $10 for your first upload, $20 for your second, $30 for your third, and then $10 for each upload after three. Payments are limited to 20 models per creator. This program will continue until 150 models are live on the site. The MakeWithTech team reserves the right to reject any models for any reason. All models must include a license for, at a minimum free non-commercial use.

Payments for models will be made via PayPal exclusively by the end of July.

Ready to participate. Head over the Create a completely free account. Select the “try experimental features” flag on the account page and refresh your page.

Click on the outlined cloud icon in the top menu bar to share a model. Next, click on the solid cloud icon to search for models at MakeWithTech.

Thanks for your time, and let’s learn together and make money together.


P.S. Feel free to share this promotion with anyone in the 3d printer community.