Creality K1 Review Request

Is it possible that the Creality K1 could be reviewed in the future? The current set of youtube reviews are not very good. Too generic and caught up in how cool it looks. I suspect they are hard to come by for reviewers at this point. I have yet to find anything close in quality to the Make with Tech reviews.

The only thing I saw on YouTube was in a review vid of Bambu X1C that the Creality K1 was a clone riddled with problems. I don’t recall which vid that was though.

I am considering doing a review of this printer just need to find the space in my lab :slight_smile:

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My impression of this is that Creality has rushed this a bit and it may be several months before the kinks are worked out. I just stumbled across the Sovol SV07 which might be a good fit for my needs. Any insitghts from the community on what promise that holds? (It sure seems like Klipper has suddenly gotten hot :grinning:)

I am using my SV06 today to produce models for a video I am producing and I really like it. I think the SV06 is probably the best option for beginners today. Solvol just seems to think carefully about there designs.

For example. I had a filament jam. I was sure I was going to have to take apart the extruder to get to the filament drive gears. Then I realized, after a minute of Googling, that I just needed to take out the screw holding the gears spring in place and the extruder lever folds down providing easy access to the gears. A minute with a needle nose pliers and I was back printing.

I have not reviewed the SV07 yet but if it is as good as the SV06 it is a good buy.

There is one negative and this might be because I do not have a perfectly tuned profile. That is the quality on my Ender 3 S1 does seem slightly better.

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Maybe create vertical extra space, lol?