Creality CR6 Zaxis issue

My Creality has a problem in that without me doing anything untoward, as far as I am aware, it is trying to beat the nozzle through the print bed after autolevel.
I attempted a fix by factory reset but when the head neads to home it again goes through the same procedure, trying to put the nozzle through the bed.
Please help me fix this.

Two thought come to mind. The first is that you need to calibrate your z-offset. The second is that your may have run auto level with the bed cold.

I did a review of the CR6 a while ago but no longer own one so I cannot look at a printer to give you the exact procedure to adjust your z offset. Basically, auto bed leveling maps the variations in the print surface but DOES NOT set the distance from the nozzle to the bed. This distance is adjusted via the z offset adjustment.

I recommend googling “CR6 Z Offset Adjustment”.