cannot get printer to print on centre

I have an ender 3v11 and have modifications, duel z axis drive, direct drive and have installed Jyers on the printer. I am also using the latest Cura slicer.
I have never been able to print because I cannot get the printer to print in the Centre of the bed, but rather in the homing position. this is despite making sure by positioning the print manually using the mouse in the software. I have searched right through the slicer program, and cannot find any boxes that should be checked or unchecked.
I am completely new to this and getting to the point of being extremely frustrated. It did the same when using the original Marlin in the printer
thanks in advance

Have you used the printer’s menu system to move the printhead manually? If you have, have you tried to move to X100 Y100 and see if the position over the bed makes sense?

What printer firmware are you using?

In his post he said he’s running Jyers.

Can you post your start g-code or the g-code for one of your prints?