Bug Report -- string parameters

I discovered a bug in the model at makewithtech.com application when dealing with string parameters. The quotation marks were getting doubled up which causes a syntax error,

If you download the original scad script the reported error position will be past the end of the script. To see the error you need to download the scad file from the render listing.

I should have this fixed today.

Ah, the perils of syntax errors. I remember, back in the day, when compilers didn’t offer much help with syntax, spending hours checking souce code.

'Course, that wasn’t always enough. I recall, when teaching a student, how he was frustrated because he couldn’t figure out why his program wasn’t working. I asked if he’d eliminated any syntax errors and he said that he had. His frustration was that the program still didn’t work. He figured that resolving the syntax errors should have made the program work. I had to point out to him that fixing syntax errors didn’t correct logic errors :slight_smile: I showed him the advantage of blocking out the logic flow before starting to code, so he would know that, fundamentally, the program would do the correct calculations. It was a good lesson for him.