Bed leveling - Question

Hi all

I watch so many video on Bed Leveling.

My question is: Should the bed be cold or up to print temperature when leveling the bed?

Up to temperature, so that any warping caused by the heat will be present when levelling. You don’t want the bed changing shape after levelling.

Also the heat will cause both the nozzle and the bed to expand as they are made of metal. That means the gap between the tip of the nozzle and the bed will be closer together when it’s hot as opposed to when its cold. The difference is not much but then it doesn’t take much to throw off the first layer adhesion.

Yep. At the moment I set the temp halfway between my PLA & PETG temps, but I’m thinking of setting it for PLA and then adding a Z Offset to my Cura PETG profile.