Anyone Know Anything About This?

I was searching for info on Hello3D filaments online and this site came up in the search results. Has anyone heard of it; know anything about it: [U][/U]?

High temperature print head!

Not to mention a printbed that doesn’t move, at all.

Different architecture! you could build it with linear motors too! Doesn’t mean that you could take a better result!

No, doesn’t guarantee better results, but it has potential.

This is called " bridge move" that the Π holds all the axis moves. No vibrations? Hmmmmmmm not really!

Every architecture have potentials at least you know how to show them off!

I wish they had a video on their site or on YT, so we could see it in action.

Indeed! Or some shots at least! As they said on their site, they are in testing mode! So anyone who wish to test it, should email them!

…and they’re located in Canada too!

In Canada? Hadn’t noticed that. Interesting.

Just scroll down the page…

  • +1 (905) 636 9089
  • 19 Brownridge Road, Georgetown, ON L7G0C6