Amsterdam Houses, a combined printed, lasercut and laser engraved project

Hi everyone,
here’s my Amsterdam Houses project.
I had the idea for this project for some time and this is what I came up with:
I used a picture of a (already existing) typical Amsterdam street-facade which I converted into a SVG-file.

In my Lightburn software I adjusted this picture so I could engrave various parts and cut out other parts like the windows and contours of the houses.

I made the facade of the front side with my Sculpfun S10 lasercutter.
I glued some transparant paper on the back to paint-in different colours for the windows and curtains.
Then I copied the Lightburn file of the front and erased all the inside information to create the backside of the houses.

The next problem was to create an offset so that I could place a 30cm. strip of led-lighting in between.
To make this I changed the contour of the backside into a new object which I then could convert into a new SVG.

It’s the green contour on the right as a part of the complete Lightburn file.

This file was extracted in my Meshmixer software to create a 3D
object which I could then print on my Prusa i3-MK3s printer.

(I made the printed part just a bit smaller than the exact contour like it is in reality .)

Finally I cut out the bottom plate with two cut-out parts to fix both sides in, with the printed part and led lights in between.
I hope you like my tinkering and perhaps I can inspire someone make nice things.

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