Some work I have done!

I have been playing with 4 x 4 white tiles. The picture displayed is of three tries at the home place of my grandparents. One was done in grayscale, one in newsprint, and one in Jarvis. I have shone it to a lot of people and everyone seems to like the one done in newsprint.

Here is one I have done on basswood. Every one likes this one. Have had a lot of request and ran out of wood. I have been getting the wood at Dollar Tree.

I gave the tiles to my mother, she had a get together for a cousin who has dementia. She made sure she asked which one the liked. I gave her the Faith plank and every one wants one. I have given her one that is shaped more rectangle and has the Irish Blessing on it. I do not have a photo of it.

I’ll go with the majority the newsprint looks the best. The basswood sign is very nice. Looks like your getting a handle on the laser engraver

I would go for the greyscale, but it needs work to reduce the contrast and open up the shadows.

Here are some more pictures of some work I did. I did the Irish Blessing with Green Powder Coating and the Southern Porch that my niece uses for her restaurant in Red Powder Coating. The picture looks more brown than red but actually looking at it, it looks Red. The Red Powder Coating wanted to stick to the basswood where the Green did not. The way the color Powder Coatings work is you do your original etching at the normal parameters and then you sprinkle the powder coatings on the etched basswood and then scrape it off. What is in the indent where you have etched the powder stays. Then you do it over again at a lower power. Then you brush over the basswood and What you See is what you get!


Those look really nice. Will you laser cut metal or just etch things?

Unfortunately it takes a fiber laser to cut metal. I only have a diode laser. There is a hotter laser called a CO2 that will cut thin metal. The diode lasers use visible light and metal scatters visible light.