Air Spinner & Little Brother

As a trial, I printed an air spinner @ 100% and 50%. They came out OK, especially in the sense they both work. I had to coax the little one a bit to free it up so it would spin, but the full size one worked right off the bed.
Looking closely, you should be able to see that there is some layer-to-layer fill issues. I have to check the Cura settings, to see if I even have wall-to-wall infill enabled. That said, the full-size version spins very easily and freely.
These prints were also about testing bed adhesion. I’ve had mostly good, but some not so good experience with bare glass as a bed.
So, the small version of the spinner was printed on blue painters’ tape. I’ve noticed that, when I print on painters’ tape, the initial layer or 2 are quite transparent. I suspect this is because I’m not accounting for the thickness of the tape itself. I’ve been meaning to look into Z Offset as a possible remedy for tape thickness, but haven’t had time.
The print is not as crisp & sharp as the full size version, which was printed on UHU Glue Stick. It was my 1st time using UHU and, I have to say, I am really impressed. Neither version would adhere properly on bare glass, but both adhered quite well on the tape and the glue. In fact, I had quite a time getting the full version off of the UHU.


Nice! Isn’t UHU glue transparent?

Do you have a link to the STL file?


UHU is mostly transparent: it’s kind of milky. The air spinner is at [U][/U]

Thank you!

I downloaded the file too. When I solve my mysterious jamming problem I will give it a try.