Adhesion probleme with eryone thinker se

Hello every one i’m having a bit of an issu with my eryone thinker Se, im printing on a creality pei bed, and my print don’t stick and have no consistency.

So it prints partially bits by bits and im trying to understand, i tought mt bed lvling wasnt good so i did it again, i clean the bed between each try, i got a filament dryer i tought the humidity was the issu but no my filament is at 13% will printing… i just dont know what to do or check anymore. We cleaned several time the nozzles… and still

I have to say im new to the 3D im just out of ideas now. Do you have any suggestions plz?

Thank you very much.

That looks like it’s printed way too high.

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I agree you need to adjust your Z-offset. going to the -(minus) side will lower the nozzle. Do this a little it at a time.

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Thank you for your advice will try again. :slightly_smiling_face:

Unfortunatly it doesn’t work, i’m starting to depress because i got tons of ideas and cannot print…

Starting to think of getting a brand new and more popular model (but this one from a friend) and she printed lots of things with it. I must say i have a silk filament maybe should i put mat will it help or will the problem stay??

Can you detail the method you are using to set the z-offset?

Also, you could try glue stick.

I use the paper for the z offset. Wish i could put an auto bed lvl system but im not sure due to the model. And i will tray glue thank you

Paper is fine, but you need to lower the z-offset from that point by the thickness of the paper you used. That will get you to the true “zero offset” of the bed surface. So for example, if your paper is 0.1mm thick, you need to decrease the z-offset by that 0.1 (after pulling the paper out).

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