3D figures help

I am at wits end. I am trying to print a figure the plague doctor. I say this at an art festival and it was spectacular according to the vendor it was just a PLA print.

When I printed I got the blob shown in photo.

And anyone tell me how to print these figures with PLA.

I am a beginner so he patient.

The figurine is surrounded by tree supports. You can remove these. As a printer can’t print in thin air, it needs to support any overhanging features on any model. Personally, I love tree support, as they are the easiest to remove.

I agree with Pigjes that tree support would be easier to remove. You could also look at the support density. I haven’t altered this in my slicer (cura) but if you feel confident enough, you could maybe look at those settings. It looks like a substantial print so try it on a small test print first until you are happy with the settings.

yeah, you should be able to remove the support. It is sometimes hard to find a spot to start as you cannot see what is model and what not. In this case I would start with the hat. The parts attached to it are clearly support.

just compare your model to the original and remove sections that are not in the original.

Closely. The supports are fused to the model. It’s complete solid.

Did you use a 0 support Z gap distance? If not, it just might look fused. 0.1 distance looks fused, as it is so small. Still removeable.

That said, I had supports fused to a model twice in 2.5 years, because I printed a bit too hot for the type of PLA I was using in the past. That was difficult PLA to print with, as a bit colder did not make it fuse well together, but warmer created this issue. I did manage to remove the supports with pliers though. It could be useful to print a temp tower to check out which temp this specific PLA prints best at.

I am not at home right now not sure what z gap was.

I did temp and result was 195 which was what I used.

Thanks for input.