Wire is not closed.

I have been through many youtube basic tutorials on FreeCAD and was finally able to do most of what was demonstrated. I am now trying to design a basic part that I can 3D print to replace the broken one. I was able to create a sketch with what I believe to be the correct dimensions and that is fully constrained.

I am not able to pad/extrude because the wire is not closed. It looks closed to me? [ATTACH=JSON]{“data-align”:“none”,“data-size”:“medium”,“data-attachmentid”:16600}[/ATTACH]

I need to create a pocket or hole after it is padded?

lever for safety.FCStd (6.95 KB)

You have accidentally overlayed a segment with another segment, if you made the mistake I made that caused this error.
go around and delete segments and then undelete if there is no other hidden segment below it.
Hope this helps - worked for me.

I concur. If you accidentally created 2 lines that exactly overlap, you won’t see that.

I tried to find error in your drawing, gave up on that. Did new sketch, set horizontal distance between circle centers at 13.12mm. Seems to work lever.FCStd

lever.FCStd (13 KB)

I just fixed another “wire not closed” issue. When you have some fine detail, FC can automatically do things that you have to zoom in to find. I found the vertex where two arcs came together in a point, the end vertex of the arcs weren’t coincident after an edit I did. Rather than coincident they got bumped down to just “constrain point onto object” which was the other arc. It was sliding around on the other arc rather than pinned to the other arc’s endpoint vertex.

Thanks so much for the help, problem solved. By zooming in I found the opening in the wire, I had to delete some constraints to repaired that and was then left with 4 degrees of freedom. Setting the distance between the circle centers cleared two then I struggle for a while with the last two. Setting a circle center coincident with center of x y z fixed that. Now off to the printer!

In Sketcher there is a tool to ‘validate’ a sketch. Click on the sketch in Combo View then on the Tool bar select menu item Sketch and from the drop down list select Validate sketch… Click on the Highlight Troublesome vertexes button. That should show where the wire is not closed. It save trying to zoom in on each vertex to find the problem child.


A SUPERB share, that will save me a lot of time.

I have learned not to panic with the “wire not closed” error, and Larry Bower’s comment tells us how to find the naughty vertices faster.

OK, I’m panic’ing - I ran “validate sketch” on my sketch, it found not falts, and I still get a “wire is not closed” error.
UPDATE - No Problem. There are (at least) two places to run Validate Sketch, in Part Design and in Sketcher.
The version in Sketcher has a “Highlight Troublesome Vertexes (sic)” (i.e. vertices).
Clicked that and it revealed vetices that looked like they were coincident but I had to zoom WAY WAY in and see they were just near each other.

Ii am so glad you found it, after you don’t panic then panic, don’t panic. After a lot of trial and error I was able to add a [ATTACH=JSON]{“data-align”:“none”,“data-size”:“medium”,“data-attachmentid”:16622}[/ATTACH] “bump” on my lever.