FreeCAD 0.20 - body does not update. Please help!

I am using FreeCAD 0.20 and have notices that if I have a pretty simple body and then subsequently make a change in the sketch or draw another sketch on the body, the body does not update to show the change when I close the sketch. Does anyone else see this problem? Suggested solutions?

FreeCAD stopps rendering, when there is a problem with a sketch. All lines in a sketch must be connected and no open ends are allowed.

The basic trick is to think you want to cut your the shape from paper. If it works on paper it works in FreeCAD, if not it is faulty. Just like a line does not deliver a shape on paper it cannot produce a hole or a padding.

Also, make sure the second sketch is connected after padding or it fails. Same for a pocket drilled in the wrong direction, which simply gets ignored.

Thank you for responding to this. The second sketch I am doing is showing that it is fully constrained. Is there something else I should be checking? I have noticed this problem also when I just simply change the length of a line in the sketch, even though still fully constrained. What am I missing?
Thank you.

It would be easier if you could share your FreeCAD file.

However. Fully constrained only means that all dots are at fixed points. It is still possible to have an open end or even crossing lines, which will break the sketch.

You still need to ensure the dots are connected. The best way is to leave any length constrains and try to move dots.
If the other line connected to the dot is also moving and changing length, then they are connected.

Do the length driven constrains at the end to avoid any hassle.


I have a 3D-printer, “Pioneer Xvico”, that I bought last year.
And from the beginning it work with Cura 14.07.

I tried to install Cura (another version) but 3D-printer doesn’t reaction to output “G-code”.

Is Problem go back to “Start, End -Code”?
How can I find the problem and solve it?

Thanks a lot

I discussed the topic of FreeCAD recalculations in a recent video. You can find more information about it is the Computer Aided Design (CAD) - DrVax Community Forum.

Look up the post “Using FreeCAD to Design Models with 3d Text”

Thank you. I will do that. I think my problem is lines that look like they are connected but really are not.

try dragging them around. If they’re not connected they won’t both move.