Question on DoF in Freecad 20.2

I am puzzled on why i have 7 DoFs on this sketch. I have grabbed various points on the drawing and nothing moves. I think the line segments are the problem, yet they are contrained by the corner arc geometry. The drawing pads correctly. Do the DoFs matter in this case? Is there a more clearcut way to identify the problem? I attached a screenshot of the skech if that helps.
case sketch snapshot.pdf (220.2 KB)

I would start by enlarging the object then look at the vertical line and see it they are coincident to the radius. If you want to upload the Freecad file I’d be happy to take a look and see what’s going on.

There is always more than one way to do things but there is a simpler way than the way you chose.
In the slot section if you make all of them equal, then you only have to give one a size. The same goes for the upright lines. Makes life much easier of you want/need to change a dimension.

You can click onto the DoF number, which highlights the sections which still have any freedom.

Another way is to try to click and move connection dots. If they move you found a missing part. If you can extrude the part, at least all lines are connected properly, if not you need to search in that department.

Zero DoF is not required, but will prevent a model from falling apart, when changing measurements. So if you want to create a fully parametric model, DoF is required.

Gramps and Geit,
Thank you for the ideas. It dislodged my brain. At Gramps suggestion, i replaced the repeated dimensions with the equal contraint. Then i tried adding a horizontal contraint to the top end of the left line for each slot locking them in place and also locked them to one of the center points of the arc. Once done - Voila! all constrained. Thank you for your help.

You should also consider using Spreadsheets to manage measurements.

This makes later on referencing easier and you can simply select dimensions by name instead of remembering the correct values.

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