Viewing Octoprint on iPhone

I am pretty sure that I have Octoprint installed and working. I am able to print and see it on the Strawberry PI camera while its printing.
What is the preferred way or app to be able to keep an eye on it with my iPhone if I want to leave the house while it’s printing? Is there a favorite app that most people use?
Which one works best and has the most control, View, Pause, Stop etc?


I am not a user of any Apple products, so I can’t speak to the iPhone specifically. That said, OctoPrint is normally accessed using a web browser. Since I can’t imagine any smart phone not having a browser I would expect you should be able to access your OP that way. i would try it 1st using you home WiFi network.

To access your OP from outside your home you will have to configure your Internet router to forward a port to your OP’s LAN IP address. Now, there is a ‘gotchya’ here. A normal install of OctoPrint uses the standard web browser ports. If you were to, for example, configure your router to forward port 80 to your OP, then it would break the Internet for your other computing devices.

You might be tempted to change the port number used by your OP to some other port #, then configure your router to forward packets coming in on that port number to your OP, but that would be a mistake.

The easiest way is to pick some unused port #, such as 56780, then configure your router to forward packets coming in on port 56780 to port 80 on the IP of your OP. At the same time, it would be a good idea, if your router supports it (most do), to make the address of your OP static. That way, every time your OP gets rebooted it will always get that same IP.

OctoPrint works nice on iPad at least, so it should work fine with an iPhone.

You can use Safari and create a shortcut on the home screen for quick access. If the UI is too small you can use the APP, which probably simplifies and optimizes the view.

OctoPrint is what I use on my iPhone and you can receive notifications when you are off your home LAN. It won’t let you live stream video when you are away from home, however. For that, you’ll need something like Spaghetti Detective or AstroPrint. Unfortunately, the best remote viewing apps seem to be Android only.


I installed The Spaghetti Detective on my iPhone with a webcam hooked into the Raspberry Pi with Octoprint and it seems to be working and doing all that I need to view my printer when I am away from it, wether I am in the basement or away from the house.

I also have a little wireless security camera that is hooked into my Home Security Camera System I have 6 cameras outside and now I have one inside pointed at the printer so I can see what’s going on by looking at the Zmodo app on my iPhone.

Next up is a smart switch that will allow me to turn everything off, from my iPhone if and when something goes haywire.

3D Printing is starting to be fun now that I got it all dialed in and working properly.



I can also recommend The Spaghetti Detective. There is a plug-in for it that you install in Octoprint and then you can use the iphone app to view your print job remotely. It is free for basic functionality but for a reasonable fee you get many benefits. All those details are on their website.