Very impressed with TPU filament.

A couple of years ago I bought some ESUN TPU and two rolls of PETG. I finally got around to trying the TPU and was surprised to see how strong it is and it’s characteristics. I have been looking around for things to print with it to show off it’s qualities. If anyone has any bright ideas on the subject please share them.

I am slowly trying to experiment with PETG and see what that is like. I like the feel of the filament. It seems somewhere between PLA and TPU when you play with a strand of filament.

The pain in the butt I find is changing from one filament variety to another. I can see why Ender 5er changes his nozzle when doing so.

Changing from TPU black to PLA white without changing the nozzle is quite an amazing experience but not one I would care to repeat often. Not only was I getting gobs of black from time to time with long stretches of white but suddenly I noticed (perhaps I’m old and crazy) that though neither filament printed with any noticeable odour this mix was very noticeable and quite alarming. I print in a closed area.
The PLA white filament that had been printing so nicely before was gobby and a different texture as if it had changed it’s characteristics.

You could run some cleaning filament through when changing

I have some cleaning filament that came with an order of filament, but I have no idea of how to use it. I mean, how is it really different from actual filament.

Cleaining Filament? Thats just clear filament, which sometimes has a lubricant applied and is sold overpriced.

I consider those a SCAM. How should that work? Does the magic filament evaporate inside the nozzle taking the gunk along, too? I don’t think so.

It just leaves transparent filament behind, which is harder to see than black filament. Do a proper cold pull a few times using the filament you want to print next and extrude some afterwards in advance. The result will be the same.

If there is burned filament inside use a softer material like TPU. It will stick to the gunk. Remember it is just a pipe you need to clean and nothing more. I

Without paying 15 Euro for 20cm of magic cleaning filament.

@Geit I, too, have wondered about just what ‘magic’ cleaning filament possesses. The only cleaning filament I found that might have some sort of ‘magic’ is 1 that apparently foams up inside the hotend, which supposedly allows it to scrape out the old filament better than others. I haven’t tried it, so I have no idea if it’s true or not.

I need some neat ideas for something rubbery to print. It was much easier to print on my Ender 3 pro with a bowden tube then I ever would have thought. I was expecting more trouble with stringing and it makes me laugh when you print a vase in vase mode because it dances after it gets up to a certain height but it bounces back so quickly that it still prints. Perhaps not the way PLA would have done but more amusing.

You could always print some animals for grandchildren.

My grandson is a year and a half old now so I plan to print stuff for him that his parents can give to him as he develops. TPU is great for tough things like tires and belts but I don’t know if I would want him chewing on it.

In case it’s a concern, TPU is classified as Food Safe.

I printed replacement door stoppers and kitchen towel holder using TPU.

Some test print of a looped GT2 belt turned out to be amazing and very robust.

Maybe I will try to make a nice jack in the box. If my bed were big enough I would print myself some sandals. We tried to print at an angle but stopped the print after the sole was 2,5 mm and you could tow a car with it. I printed a lacy vase in vase mode and tested it for ages now and again by squishing it and torturing it and it is amazingly resilient. I was astonished. I would have used it a long time ago if I knew it was this easy.

I’m testing a sink strainer made with TPU to see how it holds up. I was using PLA but after a while the bottom bows down. I like TPU now that I can print it, my 1st attempts several years ago were all failures and I just gave up messing with it. Now that I have several different colors and always finding stuff to print with it.

You might well find that PETG would work much better for a strainer than PLA.

That’s the next move if the TPU doesn’t hold up

I love TPU and know how strong it is but I woner if it is rigid enough for a strainer.

The TPU is working very well so far. I printer it at 90% infill to make it a little more rigid.

I would be very open to any suggestions on things I could print to test the qualities of my TPU filament.

If you just want to test your TPU you could print a Calcat. I printed a Octopus for my great granddaughter, the sink strainer. Just pick something that might be neat made out of rubber and print it. I just printed a cover for the steering wheel on one of my RC transmitters.


I didn’t want it smooth so I used the texture feature in Prusaslicer to ad some texture to the outside. I printed one without texture and it was to smooth.

I have done many things to date. I was just curious what other people were doing with it. This crazy young swede had a good use in this video.15kW Electric Snow Racer Made With 3D Printed Parts - YouTube
He cracks me up.