TronXY X5 Part Cooling Fan Mount

It all started with a badly mounted OctoPi camera on my TronXY X5 nagging me for years. So I designed a new mount bracket to be able to mount the camera at a default angle of 45°.

The print went well and then I grabbed the printer from its workspace to my workspace and the disaster started.

When setting the quite heavy printer down I set the display onto the lamp feet and the hole thing broke off. That went well. So I mounted the new camera bracket and it worked well.

The original TronXY X5 display mount was crap and already a little broken before, so I designed a new one. Actually two, where one gets also mirrored. The image below shows the original and the replacement and the more beefy one next to each other. The small blocks are spacers I added years ago, so that the newly added second lead screw and rod assembly to avoid collisons with the bed mount when printing large objects. I integrated them into my design to reduce the mess.


When printing something went wrong and the filament started curling around the hotend forming a big blob. Of course that happend when I not locked onto the newly mounted and adjusted camera for more than an hour. When I noticed it was already to late.

I got saved by the crappy hotend cooling design of the TronXY X5. Its cooler is blowing more on the heater block and nozzle than on the part next to the nozzle. That´s why the original design requires Kapton-Tape as insulation to keep the heater block protected from the air stream. However, thanks to the tape all around the heaterblock I was able to remove the entire blob from the heater block without any damaged wiring.

I had the kapton tape in hand, while waiting for the hotend to cool down, when I looked at the crappy hotend cooling, normally invisible on the wall side, when the printer is at his workspace. I decided to tape the heater block to finish the display project and then create a better hotend cooling.


Just the blower fan mounted.


Fully assembled but hard to see as there are rods and parts everywhere in this cramped printer.


Here the printed parts. I printed the prototype in white and made small adjustments to the final black ones.


And again the parts assembled. Since I printed them in ABS I just used acetone to weld them together.

I just finished the first print with the new cooling and the print looks fantastic. Don´t get me wrong, the TronXY always printed very well, but this new part cooling from all sides gave additional quality.

So in the end and after 6 days of having the printer on my workbench the five minute camera project is done. :smiley:

I just wanted to edit this, but the editor is just shit. It always removes the width and height values and makes the pictures enormous.

The reason for the edit is that I wanted to add the information that on the last two images the left bracket is the original part cooling fan mount bracket.