Strange because I tried it just before I post that it was working. Anyway I found another good place to download files and you can upload there too. I crushed around and didn’t see any ads. The site is run by Prusa Printer and currently is called but I understand it will be getting a name change. I might be wrong but I think you can migrate your files on Thingivers to here. Can’t test that I don’t have any files on Thingiverse, I did but when they had the data breach they didn’t tell anyone about I deleted it, Here’s the link Printables I think this will be my new go to site for models

Thanks for the URL

The “zip” workaround for Thingiverse downloads works for me.

could someone please post a link to a thingiverse model that worked for them, so I can try it?

UPDATE: got it. If you click on Download Files a “/files” gets inserted into the URL. If you then add “/zip” to that it doesn’t work. Get rid of “/files” and it’s good to go.

I was told by a coworker a while ago about To me, that site is sooo much better than thingiverse. I go there first thing in the morning and look at the “New Uploads”. I’m retired for a little over a month so I have plenty of time to browse and after I get caught up there then I go over to Thingiverse. Accounts are free and so are the downloads. You’ll find a lot of the same models there that are on Thingiverse but the way Josef Prusa has the site set up, it makes it very good, makes it so much easier to just scroll down though everything instead of having to click on the number for the next page. You can also save your favorites and create collections as well. I’ve been a Dr. Vax fan for a few years now and his tips have helped me immensely. Thank you Dr. Vax!