text in Freecad

hi ,

how can i add a text in Freecad ?


Open the “Draft”-workbench and select the “S” shaped icon, which resembles “Shapestring”.

There you can create a text, with a specific font, size, style, orientation and so on and the result is a sketch, which you can pad or pocket in Part or Part Design workbench.

When using the part design workbench, you need to ensure that the shapestring sketch is inside your body, or you will get an “out of scope” error. If it is not inside your body, simply drag it in to resolve the issue.

Please note that with FreeCAD 0.18 you may run into the “multiple body” issue until all letters of your text are on top or inside an existing model. You cannot pad the text without having a surface behind. With 0.19 (I guess) this works.