SuperSlicer open edges

I am attempting to make a cap that fits on a wooden pole to use on my patio contain the wires for some string lights. I make the part using FreeCad and I use Lattice2 WB to put it all together. I make 2 parts, the sleeve and a threaded section which I place in the sleeve using Lattice2 workbench. It seems like it all goes well,


The issue is, when I import the part into SuperSlicer so I can see how the overhangs look, I get an error that there are 648 open edges. When I open the part in Ultimaker I get a message that there are missing or extra surfaces.

Is there a way in FreeCad to examine the part to find these surfaces, or is doing what I want to do just a not very good idea? This is not the final part, I just want to use it to understand the printing process better.

Couldn’t find the answer to the question of, how can one inspect a freecad solid like SuperSlicer does. I did just implement with a hole and a polar pattern, At this point I can’t get the nut looking outside, but I think I can live with it until I can figure out more.

I’ve run across this a time or two in FreeCad STL exports as well as STL files I’ve downloaded. There is a tool in Meshmixer that can analyze and fix meshes. The few times I used this program it worked. Windows 10 has a tool called 3D Builder that has a repair tool as well, but have not tried that.


Funny, it turns out SuperSlicer has a menu item to fix STL files and it fixed all of the open edges. Will see if it actually prints correctly, once I get my printer setup. Thanks for your input.