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I’m not sure how useful this suggestion is, so I’ll just throw it out there. I created a openscad-based model from a thingiverse STL file. The original STL file is essentially a bunch of connector parts for putting together wire-cube shelving, but the connectors are all in one STL file, so if you print it out, you get a bunch of parts you don’t need, waste quite a lot of filament, and take way too much time to print. So I created a small piece of openscad code to break it up the STL file into eight pieces, and allow the user to select which piece(s) they want to print.

Here’s the problem… the parts are difficult to describe with words, because they are various configurations of connectors to join wire shelving in a variety of ways. I tried to give some verbal description, but ideally what would be nice is a little image file that could be associated with a selector or boolean flag. So that the user could just look at an image and say, “I want this one”, instead of trying to understand my obtuse description.

Anyway, just a thought.

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Fascinating idea but requires a lot of code to implement.

A simple alternative is to have pictures of each part in the description. The description is in markdown, so including images at a URL is no problem. However, you will have to have a place to host the images.

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Ah, good idea! I guess I could host them on Google photos. I seem to recall some site called imagur or similar. Maybe that’s an alternative.

Another thought would be to allow image links in the parameter descriptions, and make them clickable.

I just tried this out, but it seems that the image linking syntax isn’t supported. I tried embedding an image, and I get only the title text as output. Here’s the example I’m trying:

![example title](

in the output, I see only “example title” in normal font.

I check this out and let you know what I find.

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The following worked for me.

![Sample Image](

I just tried you image. It worked from my browser but not when I link it in markdown from

Interesting. It also does not work here. The following link to to your image. Google must be blocking the display when it is not a browser.

sample from google

I do not use google photos but maybe their are alternative sharing options.

Alternatively I just looked up: imgix - Pricing - Start Free. This seems to be a very popular choice for hosting images and the first 1,000 images are free.

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Interesting. I thought I had tried it with imgbox too, and that didn’t work either. I’ll try out imgix, thanks!

I just tried imgbox again, and there were three different kinds of links supplied, and apparently I had used the wrong kind. I tried the link used in the bulletin board (bb) example and that worked well.

Thanks for your help :slight_smile:

Great. Glad you got it working.