Steps Required to Turn a Wood Bowl

The following very brief unedited videos take you through the first 3 steps of turning a wood bowl. After turning the bowl you are likely to spend as much time sanding and finishing as you did in these steps.

The “artist” in the video is my son who moved back to our home town until his office reopens. He quarantined with his wife and is staying in a home that was available a few blocks from me and my wife. Since he is in a non-hands job during the week, that he can do from anywhere with access to a computer, Zoom, a telephone, and the Internet, learning to work on a lathe with me has been fun for both of us. In fact, the lathe he is using is new and replaces a much smaller lathe I used to turn pens over the past few years.

I will be posting videos on the DrVax channel about woodworking in general, turning and combining wood with 3d printed parts later in the year.

[video=youtube_share;vEBLwMCl4uU]Preparing Blank for Wood Bowl - YouTube

[video=youtube_share;DqO_jofjVLI]Turning Bottom of Wood Bowel - YouTube

[video=youtube_share;l4XO8nmypk0]Inside of Wood Bowl - YouTube