Small Woodworking Shops -- Let's talk about them.

I consider myself a maker and as a maker I user multiple materials. While I spend a lot of time making videos about 3d printers, just because I own a 3d printer does not mean it is the right tool for every job. For example, I have a series of videos about making a 90th birthday present for my father that included woodworking, 3d printing, and a bit of electricity. Here is a link to the first video in the series:

I own a range of woodworking tools and have an interest I would love to discuss with others about woodworking in small spaces. My shop is about 8 feet by 12 feet with every corner filled. So if you enjoy my videos and want to help me expand into more videos about woodworking please join the discussion.

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I’ve been using my lathe to make everything from Christmas ornaments to tool handles, mainly for myself as a piano technician. I find it to be a rather zen like experience as I can listen to music while watching a block of wood become something more. My shop is sometimes playroom and sometimes workroom. Just this morning I sent a freshly restrung and finely tuned 1924 Steinway grand back home.

My woodworking workshop ready for my new TurnCrafter 10" lathe:

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My shop is living proof that any space will become filled, and if you move to a larger shop, more stuff will magically appear! The exercise equipment in the one photo usually takes up some of the open space in the other. In this case it is moved aside to make room for a piano coming in. My lathe is an introductory model from Rockler but I have found that it does a fine job with my projects.
Soon it will house a 3D printer too!



Great work

Nice shops.

In every home I’ve lived in for the last 60+ years I’ve been blessed with a space for a work shop. I loved making things out of wood from furniture to model boat replicas That was an advantage living in the Midwest in houses that have basements. About a year ago I moved to Florida to be closer to family and the house we live in now my ‘shop’ is a corner in the garage (where I live now if you have a basement it involves a sink hole). Needless to say my wood working days are numbered as the heat and humidity are killers. And no way I could afford to rent a space let alone add an out building on this tiny lot… I’m selling off most of my power tools. The hardwoods got left behind in Nebraska. Next week my bandsaw, planer, oscillating sander, dust collector and lathe hit the community sale block. About all that is left is a 40 year old bench sander and benchtop drill press and a really nice scroll saw - those I’m keeping for now as well as all my hand tools. Luckily I have an office in the new home where I have my computer and 3D printer setup and I’m still finding things to make with that. It is still fun, just need to refocus on a different medium for now.