The DrVAX lab where the Videos are Made

The money YouTube (Google) pays me for ads displayed on the channel helps me to purchase products for reviews and experiments on the DrVax channel. In addition from time to time, a manufacturer will send me something for free which I always point out in any videos. I thought I would share a photo of the “DrVax Lab” where I make many of the videos. In addition to the space in this video, I have a small woodshop in another part of the basement and a second small space at a vacation home in a warmer climate where we spend some time in the winter when we are not in a pandemic.

Overall I have 11 or 12 3d printers. I labeled the 3d printers in this photo and I have a Prusa i3 Mk3 and a Qidi X-SMART at our vacation home. Finally, I have provided two of my Grandchildren with Ender 3 3d printers.

The Ender 5 has been retrofitted with an all-metal hot end so I can print higher temperatures on the Ender 5 and the Prusa Mk3. In addition, the Ender 5 has a Th3d 32-bit control board, Th3d ABL, Capricorn tubing, extra supports on the print bed, and a SeeMeCNC extruder. Not much is left of the original Ender 5 other than the frame and the stepper motors.

Most of my other printers are stock builds with the latest firmware available from the manufacturers. I do plan to upgrade the Anet ET4 to Marlin 2.0 in the near future.


As my viewers have seen I use both Cura and PrusaSlicer and model in TinkerCAD, FreeCAD, and BoxySVG. I used to pay for Fusion 360 but found FreeCAD works well for my needs and I like to support OpenSource software.

I have used a number of cameras over the years from a Panasonic GH4 to my iPhone 10. Right now I am using a Sony ZV-1 with a Rode Video Pro Plus zoom mic. I also use an OSMO Pocket for close-ups and my iPhone 10 for most of my still photos.

I am a very big fan of this microphone and while I have tried their less expensive models and lavalier microphones, this consistently provides me the best audio. I have a number of studio lights set up and do post-processing in Final Cut Pro on a 2017 5k iMac with 32 GB of RAM and external RAID Solid State Disks. Here is a photo looking into the Camera:

The wig head on the left of the above photo was used for focusing my Lumix GH4 that did a terrible job of focusing in automatic mode.

I hope to do more videos that combine woodworking, 3d printing, and electronics in the future. Here is a photo of the woodshop:


The oven in the corner is a compromise with my wife who is a fantastic cook and wanted a second oven. As you can see I am a big fan of labeling everything to compensate for my terrible memory.

Both the woodshop and the 3d printing areas have exhaust fans to the outside and the woodshop and a high-end air filter that I sometimes bring into the 3d printing area.

I hope you enjoyed this quick look behind the covers. Feel free to ask any questions.

Awesome setup! But I’m going to have to pull your man cave credentials because of the oven, LOL.

I think you need to swap the labels on the ANET and the Ender 3 v2 in the first photo.

I’m hoping to start doing more woodworking in the future too, but 3D printing is keeping me occupied these days. Hope to leverage my new FreeCAD skills for both.

No need to pull his creds: the oven is just to warm up pizza before the game :smiley:

I don’t think the one you have tagged as a Ender 3 V2 is a Ender 3 V2. I don’t think it’s a Creality printer at all as a matter of fact.

An extra filament dryer

Thank you for the tour, Irv.

Thanks so much for this useful information; it is appreciated. I am currently working on my own man cave, and will try one-upmanship, with a BEER fridge over your oven! ?

Fantastic place for creations!!! Irv, in the woodworking section, a CNC router is missing to complete the machinery!
Hopefully one day, i’ll show my creation place as well!

I miss having a workshop where I can make dust and noise without having major social problems.