Site suggestion

I normally click on Today’s Post to see what is going on here unless I have been on for a few days what is rare. When you go to a thread that you are following the option is to go to the Latest post, then you have to scroll down and figure out that last post that we read. On all the other forums that I frequent there is an option to Go to Last Post read, which lest you continue from when you left off and that way the part are in the correct order. I think this would improve the flow and make it easier to follow a thread.

Good suggestion. As a workaround, I click on Today’s Posts, then on Notifications at the top, then on the notifications line in the popdown. That opens a pane with a list of the current unread posts. I right-click on each 1, select Open in New Window, do whatever I deem appropriate in that window, then close the window to get back to the list of unread posts. I click the Dismiss button for the 1 I just read and move to the next.