How does one reply to topic?

Or is there a time limit to overcome. I am new and will deal with whatever the constraint is?

Thanks for reporting this. I am still fine tuning the access levels. I’ll take a look at this and report back.

I created a new user from scratch and then went to this topic. There was a reply button under the topic that I am using now.

Here is a video from Discourse about how to reply.

I wanted to reply to an old thread that when migrated didn’t have a reply button. Irv is looking into this issue.

Appears for me anyway that you can reply to a new post that was created on Discourse but not to any that were migrated from the old site. This issue is being worked on by management.

This responce is here only because I am unable to make a new post to complain about a new post that gives an error when I attempt to submit it.

I created a new post and attempted to submit it, but get the message"an error occured, you are not permitted to view the requested resource"

I saved it for later so the typing was not wasted, and now I cannot post a new topic to give the feedback. The new topic button is replaced with open draft and always brings me back to the post that I can’t submit?

I hope someone reads this because I can’t respond to old threads and this is thenonly place that made any sense.

This is now fixed. Thanks for reporting it.