Categories and other issues

On the old site the areas were. called Forums here they are called Categories which I guess is okay but maybe a little confusing at 1st.

Under Categories there is General, Site Feedback, & All categories. I think there will be a bunch of stuff posted in General that should be somewhere else such as CAD. I realize that if you click All categories that they are all listed but I’m thinking people won’t look and just post in General.

When I pressed Create Topic a red banner came up in the Title area saying that the tile must be at least 15 characters. I used just one word Categories.

I noticed something else that I’ll be missing I always clicked Today’s Topics to see the new post. Maybe it will become apparent when there are some new post here how you can find them easily . Okay after a little more looking around I can see the big red Latest at the top of each Category. Found how to do it go to Everything and click Latest there and it should do the samething.

Upon some exploration I found that a person can edit what is displayed on the sidebar. For instance click Community and should be a little pencil on the right, click it and you will be taken to the page where you can change the sidebar and many other things including look and feel.